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Ricky and the Spider



Ricky and the Spider is a cognitive-behavioral therapeutic computer game for children with obsessive-compulsive disorder. The video game was developed at the Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry of the University of Zurich in order to provide support for therapists in their treatment of children with OCD.

International studies show that approximately 2% of all children suffer from obsessive-compulsive disorder. Without treatment, pediatric OCD often takes a turn for the worse. The longer the patient has been suffering from the disorder prior to diagnosis and the earlier OCD manifests itself, the worse the prognosis will be.

Both cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) as well as the use of medication have proven to be the most effective form of treatment for pediatric OCD. Ricky and the Spider integrates the core elements of cognitive behavior therapy into a therapeutic video game, thus offering supplementary support for both the child and the therapist during treatment.

Would you like to use Ricky and the Spider for CBT treatment with children who suffer from obsessive-compulsive disorder?


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Ricky and the Spider

Ricky and the Spider is a therapeutic video game for children between the ages of six and twelve who suffer from obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD).


Veronika Brezinka
University Hospital of Psychiatry Zurich
Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Psychotherapy
Neumünsterallee 9
8032 Zürich, Switzerland

Contact KKJP

University Hospital of Psychiatry Zurich
Director, Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Psychotherapy:
Prof. Dr. med. Dipl.-Psych. Susanne Walitza
Neumünsterallee 3,  P.O. Box 1482
8032 Zurich, Switzerland


Idea: Veronika Brezinka
Scenario: Veronika Brezinka
Renderings / Design: Damjan Minovski and Zea Fio
Music: Wolfgang Güdden
Programming: Markus Ruh, Snarp
Translation: Alena Lotz